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March 25, 2010 - Creative Egg Hunt Ideas for Easter

Egg Hunts at Easter time is a tradition my family has continued since I was two. Even as teenagers, our parents filled our plastic eggs with money which caused some friendly hair-tugging situations with my sister and me. As adults, I decided to continue the tradition in my own home with my parents, sister and her husband and now my husband and two nephews have been added to this fun-filled event. The kids have their own hunt and the adults also have their own (which can often get a little competitive to say the least). Every year I hide the eggs and the adults try and gather as many eggs as possible, however they never know what the true game is - one year the person with the most orange eggs won the prize; another I put numbers in each egg and the person with the largest sum of numbers won. And the prize - well since my family is big into home improvements is usually a gift card to Home Depot. We also dye Easter eggs and this year I am excited to have found a No Spill Egg Coloring Kit for my nephews. It promises to "Color Easter eggs - NOT your kitchen table". Brilliant (why didn't I think of that?) and let's hope it works (and not only saves my kitchen table but also the nephews' cute lil' Easter shirts)!

Egg hunts can be fun for all ages. Here are a few creative ideas for different age groups -

Kids -
~ Fill eggs with plastic beads to make necklaces (include leather cord for stringing them)
~ Coupons to redeem for favorite meals, desserts or special privileges
~ Have a reverse egg hunt - let the kids hide the eggs for the adults and watch how much fun they have watching their parents, aunts, uncle and grandparents scurry around the house (or back yard)!

Teens - Eggs filled with money or gas coupons

Corporate - Scavenger Hunt - excellent team building activitity

The ideas are endless and easy, but most importantly remember egg hunts are not just for kids, but for the whole family/business to enjoy! Have a great Easter and I'll keep you posted on how the "No Spill" Egg Coloring Kit works out.

Happy Spring!
Lisa Rosenow Kucik

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